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To Try or Not to Try…The Shampoo

*WARNING*:  If you’ve been exposed to SODIUM LAURYL GLUTAMATE(SLG), you may be eligible for compensation.  Pay attention everyone, because this pertains to anyone who has ever used grocery store shampoo.  And trust me grocery store hair is worse than grocery store feet.
I can tell the second I run my fingers through someone’s hair if they are using a questionable shampoo.  The hair don’t lie.  Its dry and brittle.  The color has faded to this weird umber color.  The ends are frayed.  And guess what causes this?  You got it.  SLG.  It is a sodium derivative that is used in many shampoos and in household cleaning products.  Yea, you read that right!!!!!!  You might as well use dish washing liquid to shampoo your beautiful shiny hair.  Just as it cuts the olive oil and butter from grandma’s china, so too it it cutting all the natural oils, moisture and color from your hair.
Would you drive your brand new shiny Porche through a $2 Wizard car wash?  I wouldn’t.  Why would you spend time and money to get beautiful tresses to scrub it all out with harsh shampoo?  In fact, if you invest in your investment your hair will look fresh longer.  And as a bonus, if your hair isn’t dry and brittle it is going to be easier to fix and you’ll have an easier time duplicating that beautiful style you left the salon with.   You may be able to get away with using less styling product.  Gasp*.  You may actually save money.
I know it sounds as though I’m trying to sell you shampoo.  Truth be told, hair brands are proprietary.  Aveda hair care is going to protect Aveda color better.  There’s all kinds of science that goes into it that I won’t bore you with.  If you get nothing else out of what you’ve just read, GET THIS:  Please start reading the labels on the shampoo that you are considering buying.  The ingredients are way more important than fancy packaging or the smell.  If there is SLG listed, move on. Especially if you color your hair.
*As a footnote, I would like to add umber color requests are extra.
**And don’t ask me how I know about grocery store feet…..
-Bernadette Abrahams